A different slant on the Michelson-Morley Orbital Speed.

Frank Russo -July 11, 2008

The absolute orbital speed of the earth is 53,198,115.45 metres/sec and this is the speed the apparatus travels. However the orbital light-beam has to bridge this distance in order to reach the mirror and get reflected back. It is important to realize that the distance that the light-beam has to travel through this gap has to be expressed as an orbital time interval, by dividing it by the amount of light that is travelled in the gap if the Michelson-Morley sub-interval was one second, rather then the 53,198,115.45 metres that the experiment-apparatus travels in one second in absolute space!

When one accepts this fact, he will realize that light actually travels 4,683,415.2 m further forward than the relative distance of 299,792,458 m every 1.193072004 second as part of the basic light component as opposed to the orbital movement component; hence in one second, light will advance by 3,925,509.26 m beyond the starting position of the orbital mirror, without actually contributing to the size of the gap that has to be bridged, (but instead making the one second gap shorter). Therefore this amount should be deducted from the standard amount that the earth normally travels in one second in absolute space. This would convert the 53,198,115.45m/sec to 49,272,606.19m/sec.

In view of the foregoing, I hope most will realize that time is all about relative motion, without actually having a real existence.

Frank Russo.


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