Semi-conscious diabetic scam by medical establishment!

Frank Pio Russo - November 09, 2015. (Footnote added November 12, 2015)

Ever since the very friendly insulin needles have been around, you virtually don't feel anything when injecting the insulin: hell! The finger-pricks you do to test the levels, are infinitely more painful!

There is obviously some sort of semi-conscious conspiracy to keep all diabetics on oral medicine for as long as possible: meanwhile the costs and the damages keep piling up! Numerous visits to the ophthalmologist for laser surgery and eye injections; visits to the cardiologists to work-out how the heart is coping; constant screening and keeping an eye on the kidneys; joints that are in severe need of attention etc. etc.

Really there's a need for a revolution in thinking: why not put everybody on insulin very early in the progression of the diabetes illness! Insulin is a natural hormone (although analogues are used), and as such there are no drug side-effects to speak of! And whereas on oral medicine, the medical establishment has every-body starving so that just about everything packs-up... on insulin it's the opposite: people can be generous with their eating.

I don't actually see how a diabetic on insulin could possibly cause all the havoc and disaster that those on oral medications tend to inflict upon themselves! There's no comparison between the two... one's Rolls-Royce whereas the other is butchery. Furthermore, by taking the insulin plunge early, you actually end up preserving some pancreas function for longer: thus not being too susceptible to hypos - rather than wait till the pancreas has been abused totally beyond any possible use.

I'd like to see what I am proposing discussed thoroughly by the medical establishment: I'm sure they'll see the sense in what I'm saying! Type 2 diabetes as it now stands, is a very insidiously disastrous condition that could be made a pleasure to live through!

Frank Pio Russo.

P.s. - Of course so as to keep some of the pancreatic function still active, one would retain a little bit of the oral medication and use both avenues so as to have ideal control!


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