Diabetes - luxury mode versus economy mode.

Frank Russo - June 11, 2010.

A car which was very reliable was the Mitsubishi Colt and it used to have two gear sticks one of which changed the transmission between "Power" and "Economy" mode. Well this is a very good lateral analogy that could apply to our bodies' biochemistry!

Diabetes is apparently known as a disease of affluence and is very common in well-to-do countries. It apparently was known in ancient Egypt as the Pharaoh's disease or something similar, and the antidote for it in those days was to let the prince live in a peasant's family for a few months. Well I believe that the body can live in economy mode off of mainly carbohydrates and as a result of all of the oxidizing, age and "rust" away... or it can live in the luxury mode off of mainly anti-oxidants, where the flow of electrons happens much more gently with the aid of many enzymes and co-factors plus trace elements.

As many persons have observed, the diabetes forces them to dramatically improve their nutrition, as once the body "tastes" the luxury mode, it does not want to return to the "economy" mode! However in some austere cases it will do so: this often happens in diabetics who end up in nursing homes, where the body has to resort to it as a "necessity" to stay alive!

The foregoing also makes it clear as to why the transition elements make good trace elements: they are very flexible and can exist in many oxidation states of varying valency, and as such can channel or store the electrons produced from food!

Of course as another paper that I've written today shows, there are many diabetes and this facet of it could be regarded as a "type 5" brought about by simply improving one's nutrition! In conclusion then, we should concentrate on looking after the body we have now, rather than diluting our resources as some people do and have 12 off-springs. Our planet should have a lot less people on it!

Frank Russo.



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