The point the Devil is trying to illustrate in the book of Job.

The Prophet - October 22, 2017.

The Devil convincingly tries to disguise the book of Job as purely the outworking of human wisdom. This he accomplishes by first having all the calamities and disasters that befell Job narrated as coming and orchestrated by God himself, and then have a much later editor revise everything by introducing a prologue and epilogue and attributing all the evil to Satan.

This is obvious because - although I haven't read from Job in decades - I tend to recall that about a quarter of the modern Job is missing from the pre-Christian Septuagint translation. This obviously reflects all the additions that were edited in, following the 'discovery' of the 'evil' one, once the Jews went into captivity to Babylon. Furthermore, the Devil tries to sow all this disillusion and disappointment by implying that most things are simply temporary and transitory tests, at the end of which you are compensated with twice as much as what you've supposedly lost... and what's more, this is all supposed to take place in this lifetime! Of course, human experience has taught many of us that the latter is very far from the actual truth: instead it's the evil ones who - with the Devil's backing - do all of the flourishing! And this is why the idea of punishment after death evolved.

However this is all rather ordinary and mundane! I believe the real gem that the Devil is trying to get across,  is that the Force or God has a real conflict of interest, with his active position as divine head. Ideally, whilst the challenge from the Devil is on, He should actually temporarily step down from his position of power and influence! Yes this is the point being made for under most similar situations, most people would emulate Job's wife who said "curse God and die!".

In essence then, the Devil is maintaining  that God is profiting from His high position... as some people would find it impossible to speak back to Him insultingly, simply by virtue of who he is and because of His position! Yes this is the real point being made, and this is the actual reason why God stepped out of world events, and allowed the Devil to take charge! "Okay Mr Smarty-pants... you say that humans should have their independence - well let's give it to them, with you administering things... and let's see what sort of a mess will come of it!"

In conclusion, the time for that experiment is fast running out! Make sure you're on the right side, minus that horrible independent streak which has brought on all this misery!

The Prophet.


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