The Devil: not a complete and total idiot!

Anonymously contributed - October 8, 2016.

Actually, on reflection I don't think the Devil is as moronic as I thought he was last night... sure he does hook people into contracts on false pretences, but then again what else would you expect from a diabolical criminal?

Sure! I was correct in saying that his victims have a legal loophole for getting out of his contracts due to his fraudulently impersonating and misrepresenting God... however the Devil is well aware of this problem and thus resorts to a very clever stratagem that's often employed by many lesser human criminals!

No doubt you've often seen in the movies and also in the everyday's real news, how many criminal syndicate-heads enrol young women for prostitution, and then make them dependant by getting them hooked on drugs - be it heroin, cocaine etc... well this is done so that they remain under their sphere of operation in order to keep getting their regular "fixes" !

Well the Devil does something very similar... once he hooks people into his sphere of operation, he makes sure these people actually end up compromising themselves, by getting them to move onto 'darker' things - possibly under the guise of an initiation or something similar!

In other words, sure they could argue for the legal exit that I've provided for them... but would they now be of any good to anybody decent, if they've actually committed murder - for example - definitely not! They would have nowhere to turn as God would not really want them anymore.

From what I've heard, this is exactly what goes on in most secret societies... the first 3 decrees are supposedly harmless, but as you climb up the ladder you progress to doing more and greater evil! Don't ask me too much about the Masons... I'm sure you've probably read as much as I have on the subject... perhaps about Aleister Crawley.

So in conclusion: yes it is true that Faustian pact people could possibly argue their way out of some demonic or satanic contract - however they would be so irrevocably compromised that such an exercise would be pointless and would not constitute a way out at all!

Anonymously contributed.













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