Speculating on the existence of "dark" energy!

Frank Russo - August 13 2011.

In view of the fact that dark matter is an almost certainty, and seeing that just about every galaxy has a dark body at the centre of it, I would like to propose the existence of dark energy.

Thus far, the basic objection to superluminal speeds has been that virtually all energy transfers involve exchanges in electromagnetic radiation (or 'light'). Hence if light cannot travel, there could be no energy transactions. However, presumably light could still travel in a backward direction, and it would of course be very red-shifted... who knows... perhaps that's why some galaxies are very red-shifted!

Nevertheless, we cannot eliminate the possibility of other types of energy transactions using "dark" energy... in other words energy we don't know about. The latter may actually be the default mode in the superluminal speeds of tachyons, if the latter exist. Then again, the speed of light could well be an insurmountable barrier because although one can make a distinction between mechanical and electromagnetic propulsion... it is very hard to envisage any mechanical propulsion getting you beyond the speed of light!

However, in travelling you are generally usually going forwards, so the big saviour is that so long as energy transfers can still take place in a backwards direction, you are still going to be able to generate forward thrust and hence speed.

In conclusion then, I hope that people will be able to see that the Russo model of relativity is a far more rational explanation of reality... one which does not invoke science-fiction principles. They do say that nature is very resourceful, so we must not discount the possibility of energy transactions at superluminal speeds for such speeds are alien to us at the moment.

Frank Russo.

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