Cyclical nutrition: something to be strived for!

Frank Russo - August 21, 2009.

If our human bodies are to survive the ravages of time, we must make them attractive to the '10-to-the-minus40' little people that are animating them. At the present time, most of our human bodies are only their temporary abodes, for they soon have to move onto other entities.

This is where we must grasp the initiative as the game of life appears interactive... in other words it takes both sides to 'tango'... i.e. both the macro and the 'micro' levels! Unless of course, it's the 'micro- world' that produces everything... in which case we are simply waiting for this innovative initiative to be shared with everybody... which is presumably what I am doing!

As I've said before, the present nutrition of most people is linear... in other words everybody is constantly feeding on nutrients which are then constantly oozing out of our bodies in a hap hazardous way! A calcium atom or ion of a buried corpse might be absorbed by a fruit tree, and then eaten by another person, who then excretes it in his urine only for it to be eaten by a cow, through grasses which have in turn grown... and then the particular atom becomes part of a third person who in turn drinks the said milk and so on and on...!

However one must endorse a cyclical nutrition and thus "trap" the little people in our proximity, so that we become very important to them. To do this, we must all have our family's dedicated fruit trees who constantly receive most of our nutrients, and then we must eat in a very generous and nutritious way. In this way, we will counter the common criticism of orthodox medicine against indulging in supplements and vitamins: that is... "it's all going out in the urine"... sure the excess is going out in the urine but it's then coming back to us, through fruits and vegetables which we grow with it, and all the little people can be cycled if they are cooperative!

As faeces are mostly real "waste" and have not really ever entered our bodies but only the 'pipe' through our body, (i.e. most of the good stuff gets re-absorbed if secreted in there to begin with)... I am sure that our little people are clever enough to avoid them to the extent needed... after all it's the body they want to animate and not the toilets! Thus the civilizations which live inside our atoms can look forward to returning to our bodies... in actual fact, we should become like a real tree having 'roots' in our environment and not go wondering all over the planet like a hippy.

I experimented with these ideas in 1983 and if you want to see my early speculations on this concept, my articles are all arranged chronologically, so you can look them up : I think it might be the only article there for 1983.

Frank Russo.

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