The curse of fluorinated water!

Frank Pio Russo - April 10, 2018.

After having cured my diabetes through supplements and having plenty of MSM as well as abstaining from coffee, the diabetes showed up again today and I was quite rattled as to what could be causing it to come back!

Initially I suspected some of the Lipton ice tea that I'd been drinking... however I rejected that simply because it just has a 4% tea extract in it... and then I remembered that I'd used mains hot water to ingest my latest doses of MSM... curse that 'bloody' fluorinated water... no wonder the insulin resistance and diabetes had shown its ugly face again!

I normally drink bottled water with no fluoride... what can I say I slipped up! The imbecility of these moronic authorities in having our water fluorinated never ceases to amaze me... if people are too lazy to brush their teeth, why should the innocent suffer on their behalf! I say let their teeth rot rather than have everybody poisoning themselves with poisoned water.

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