Natural cure for drug induced dry eyes!

Joel Russo (from Adelaide) - March 17, 2015.

Many drugs on the market cause very dry eyes, and it is often devastating to have to go off a very efficacious treatment because of this common side-effect!

Some anti-depressants for example can cause very dry eyes... and one may have tried up to a dozen different ones to finally arrive at one that is suitable, only to find that he has to cease using it because of severe eye pain as the eyes dry up. One may also find that the artificial lubricants such as Systane are ineffective so that he's left with no choice but to go off the medication.

However, there's a simple natural remedy, and that is to cut up an onion and rub some of the juice around the orbits of the eyes - without making it go on the surface of the eyes themselves - and the relief that the flow of natural tears brings is incredible!

Hopefully, this simple and inexpensive cure can help multitudes of people to deal with such a severe and common problem.

Joel Michael Russo (of Adelaide).

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