Cure for diabetes with MSM seems possible.

Frank Pio Russo - June 06, 2018.

After embarking on megadoses of MSM to heal osteoarthritis in one of my hips, my diabetes disappeared and I made the obvious connection... however I had to scale down the MSM due to side-effects and naturally the diabetes came back. Well I've been taking a lot of MSM again - although not quite as high as previously - and the diabetes appears to be disappearing again!

Yes! A while back I was so well rid of my diabetes that I ate a whole tub of Connoisseur ice cream of the honey- macadamia-caramel variety and my sugar level only raised itself very marginally (i.e. only by about 1 or 2 units). Well I've been taking a lot of MSM - or organic sulphur - once again, and the sugars have started dropping just like last time! I am very optimistic that this means that diabetes is caused by a depleted MSM or sulphur state in the body.

Naturally, I have shared my suspicion already in the recent past, that perhaps drinking great amounts of coffee might deplete our MSM or sulphur storage in our bodies and leave us vulnerable to diabetes. Of course this makes great sense, because here in Australia we're having an explosion in diabetes at the same time as everybody has begun to indulge in megadoses of coffee: a very harmonious relationship indeed!

Stay tuned to this website for further updates.

Frank Pio Russo.

Sulphur or MSM supplementation is a cure for diabetes!

Frank Pio Russo - March 28, 2018.

Sometimes ago I began taking about 100 gm of MSM per day to alleviate strong hip pain and its been working quite well.

Then I began noticing that my sugars in the afternoon and evening kept dropping... so much so that I was having almost half a tub of ice cream to recover each time! Mind you my morning sugars were still a bit high and that's quite understandable because I have an astronomical Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), which is mainly raised in the morning.

I had been heavily medicated taking 23 units of insulin 3 times per day, as well as Janumet (50/1000) both in the morning and evening, as well as 2 Diamicron 60 mg MR at lunchtime: so the level of medication was quite considerable ... yet with no medications and only an hour and a half after my meal my sugar tonight was only 5.9 mmol/l ! Normally it would hit about 20 mmol/l without medications.

Stay tuned to the website for updates on how things are progressing.

Frank Pio Russo.

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