A cure for Mature Onset Diabetes that works very well !!

Frank Pio Russo - December 11, 2016.

I am not by nature a very greedy person, but feel very infuriated at the sort of insane money the pharmaceutical companies are making out of diabetes - especially since the general consensus out there, is that some sort of solution must be at their disposal!

If you suffer from diabetes please feel free to try out my cure free of charge! And then later on - after having been cured... please feel free to send some sort of voluntary contribution to "Frank Pio Russo - PO Box 90 CAMPBELLTOWN South Australia, AUSTRALIA 5074", in accordance with the sort of value you yourself place on my cure... and in consideration of the fact that I am a self-funded researcher.

Before entertaining my cure, I suggest that you try to first switch from "oral" medication onto Insulin... such that your system becomes a natural one as much as possible... of course you perhaps should retain some of your more effective orals as adjunctives, so as to keep the pancreas function ticking along!

My cure totally revolves around our approximately 3 % of bodyweight which we have as bacterial micro-flora... mainly in our intestinal gut! Most of us diabetics, appear to have a somewhat abnormal population of these bacteria, due to a long history of having eaten many wrong foods... these 'bad' bacteria tend to steer most of our metabolism towards glucose production. Hence the very first step is to go on a series of antibiotic courses to get rid of your current existing population... e.g. perhaps a course of Augmentin Forte, followed by one of Erythromycin, and one final one for good measure e.g. perhaps Roxithromycin... whilst taking plenty of Yakult to attempt to replenish some of this bad flora as you're going along, with good ones instead!

As soon as you start on this path - or better still for some time before commencing - begin taking full nutritional supplementation with adequate amounts of most of the vitamins... also continue to eat a complete and balanced diet full of goodness (i.e. plenty of anti-oxidants). HOWEVER THE KEY FACTOR IS TO HAVE 2 TEASPOONS OF "ROLLS-ROYCE" FIBRE e.g. "ORANGE FLAVOURED METAMUCIL" AFTER EVERY MEAL AND DISSOLVED IN A GLASS OF WATER !! Undoubtedly you will find that a "new" "good" population of bacteria will take-up residence in you... and your sugars will hover between 4 and 6 mmol/l at two hours after the meal. Please though, only adjust your doctor's medication if your sugar values really need it, and if you're not very medically minded: you should of course be guided by your General Practitioner.

In conclusion, no-doubt we're seeing an explosion in diabetes around the world as take-away meals and processed foods lacking in fibre are being taken-up !! And we must not forget that the quality good bacteria deserves the good fibre that it needs to utilize !

May your future be very salutiferous: GOOD HEALTH TO YOU !

Frank Pio Russo.

Of course the above cure would only apply to what I've labelled a "type 4 diabetes".. in other words one where there is a massive over-production of glucose due to excessive activity by "bad" micro-flora (mainly from our gut). See: 

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