Correct test to determine high emissions!

Frank Pio Russo - July 05, 2014.

There's a great deal of misinformation about high emissions... let me give you one example: Australia which has one of the lowest levels of emissions, is considered to have the highest simply because its seminal emissions are under control!

However there's a simple and correct test to work-out who's got high emissions! Are the pollutants coming into the country or migrating outwards to the rest of the world? After taking into account circulation currents... it's quite a simple test to work-out... after-all it simply involves the principle of "diffusion"... this is the movement of pollutants from a region of high concentration to a zone of lower concentration! In actual fact apart from Antarctica, there are very few areas that would have lower concentrations of pollutants than Australia! Hence it's pure stupidity to complain about our usage of fuel... it's a very large land mass to traverse and our transportation of goods is quite necessary... and not only that, we are also blessed with plenty of natural resources!

All the mass-polluters of this planet are jealous of Australia's low population, and try to turn it into a crime by invoking the inappropriate 'per capita' criteria... however when you consider the mentioned transportation and the fact that most of the mining and agriculture is being done for the rest of the world's benefit through exports: it is a grotesque caricature to label Australia's emissions as high!

In conclusion, I urge you the reader to show some IQ and take the foregoing on board: there's definitely nobody wearing gas-masks in Australia because of pollution!

Frank Pio Russo.




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