The common objection in the light of physiological time.

Frank Russo - November 24, 2005.

The most common objection to my relativity that most people brought up, was that you needed a limiting speed... otherwise you would have a roller-coaster of infinitely increasing speeds!

This is where my principle of physiological time comes to the rescue and dispels such a proposition! I started off by considering that the round-trip from brain to foot and back again, would take much longer in an elephant compared to that of a shrew... but that nevertheless it could represent an equivalent amount of physiological time which one could regard as a "now" moment in time. Hence things will be happening much more slowly in the elephant's world, than in the shrew's world... and the fact that most mammals have the same amount of heartbeats in a lifetime, tends to confirm that they use the same amount of physiological time appropriate for their physical sizes.

This is a basic truth which is manifested on a much bigger scale in our Cosmos, when one includes the presence of sentient beings to observe what's going on. Obviously the bigger the size of an 'entity', the bigger the distances involved for any life functions to go on, hence things would happen much more slowly physiologically. In view of the foregoing, I've often mentioned that the factor '10 to the 40' comes into play. Namely the physiological meter inside atoms would be smaller by that factor and therefore things would be happening '10 to the 40' times faster... thus giving the impression that the force between atoms is about '10 to the 40' times stronger than gravity at our macro level... when in effect it's the same force all the time! (There's about '10 to the 40' atoms from one end of the universe to the other!)

 It is obvious then, that there already is a mechanism to prevent the emergence of a universal run-away roller-coaster. The veracity of this concept can be accurately deduced by considering nature as I've just done, without having to invoke ridiculous science-fiction principles in the real world!

One must never lose sight of the bigger picture and how things fit into the grander scheme of things... there's an infinity of smaller and smaller particles, which aggregate under the force of gravity to form bigger and bigger particles... the latter could even be regarded as missing matter, as they would not be on our 'horizon' at the moment.

Frank Russo.  

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