Coffees should be investigated for addictive additives!

Frank Russo - March 31, 2010.

It has been said that most cigarette companies were actually enhancing the addictiveness of their products - as if they weren't already addictive enough - laughable isn't it!

Well I've come to suspect that something similar might be happening with some coffee products! My suspicions were alerted when I got someone to try a particular brand of coffee... he said it was disgusting and preferred a much cheaper coffee! However I gave him a great deal of that coffee, for him to keep trying it to see if his appreciation for it became aroused or whether it still tasted foul... much to my surprise a week later he said he no longer despised that coffee, stating that it was quite good!

The foregoing episode, plus the fact that every-time I change to another brand my diabetes improves, leads me to suspect that it might have some additives that might affect the proper functions of the pancreas. After all, what one should ask oneself is: "coffee is coffee isn't it... so how is a company supposed to protect its market share if its major contribution to the product is only its slight variation in the roasting?"

True the beans do vary a bit, but then again it presumably is an open market, where anybody can bid for any beans they want... can't they? I think some toxicologists and other biochemists should test some of the major coffees, to see why they might be popular. I would be very interested in their results.

Frank Russo.

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