Coffee is a causative agent for arthritis as well as diabetes!

Frank Pio Russo - April 30, 2018.

In Utah they don't drink as much coffee because they're Mormons and their incidence of adult arthritis is about 11.9% less than the whole of the US: Utah has an incidence of 20.0% whilst the rest of the US has 22 .7% and 2.7/22.7 gives you a difference of 11.9%... this is indeed very significant.

Coffee is a drug or 'pharmakia' and most drugs are associated with the Devil and spiritism in the Bible, being intrinsic for their ceremonies and controlling their initiates... the Mormons do very well in avoiding it.

Well over the years I've tried many times to drink short blacks (coffee), yet after just a few, the blood pressure always went sky-high and all my joints became tied up in knots! When I first developed my hip problem I actually healed it well with Voltaren tablets, and then it came back as I started to drink coffee again... (I recall Dr Forte saying that coffee was renowned to affect joints)!

Well I think that the Utah statistics speak for themselves - there's no doubt about it - coffee causes arthritis (as well as diabetes which we've already established). The Devil has sugar coated coffee drinking with the ideas that it fights many cancers and that it's good for the heart, but the prevalence of both arthritis and diabetes tells me that one would do much better in abstaining... tea on the other hand never ties my joints up in knots no matter how much of it I drink. Now sure I'm probably our planet's biggest coffee drinker up till now, but I've always had to drink it, mixed with milk or "latte".

What is going on is very similar to how this demonic world is constantly spruiking the supposed benefits of wine and alcohol, when the latter is really very unsafe at any level, as not only does it destroy both the liver and the brain but definitely causes all sorts of cancers - not to mention all the car accidents and domestic violence!

Unfortunately I had an astronomical need for stimulants before going on insulin, but since staying on insulin I can  easily dispense with coffee and I've done it - no problem - however one must be on guard for that other big demonic evil trap, and that is fluoridated water, as some of us actually concentrate the fluoride in our bodies regardless of how little an amount we may be taking in.

Frank Pio Russo.

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