Coffee and the healing of joints.

Frank Russo - August 02 2008.

In my personal experimentations with coffee, I've found that extreme amounts can turn you into a total cripple... but I'm here talking of using about 200 grams of Lavazza with a strength of 5, per day and drinking this with little milk and no sugar in a very concentrated fashion... the 200grams being the raw amount of coffee used every day.

However on a more moderate regime of coffee, the joints recover and actually feel very good. However if you do have a hip that's still healing and not yet 100%, you'll quickly generate pain in the latter, if you revert to extreme coffee even if just for a single day! Such a brief spurt will not affect the rest of the body including the good hip. This finding does fit in well with the perception that strong coffee seemed to 'dissolve' any new dental growth.

More recently I've however observed a new very important factor. It appears that the deleterious effect of coffee on joints is very specific to 'anaerobic' preparations such as percolated coffee. On the other hand if you aerate the coffee such as with a bit of frothed-up milk, you appear to be able to drink coffee constantly without ill effects. This would be analogous to maintaining that a cigarette with a filter is worse for you than an aerated rolled-up leaf of tobacco where the tobacco would be well oxidized! However the problem with tobacco is that I don't believe that there is any safe level of such a toxic substance! And a lot of the damage is apparently caused by the very fact that raw tobacco does not burn that well and needs many accelerants!

So all in all, coffee is very good for you and if one has bad joints, he should avoid very concentrated percolated coffee.

Frank Russo.


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