Coffee and the arteries.

Frank Russo - August 03 2008.

Coffee is extremely beneficial for the circulation: "it is of an alkaloid nature (caffeine), and stimulates the brain, kidney and circulation; increasing the force and beat of the heart and the flow of urine, and thus helps cleanse the body of metabolic end-products" Medical Health Enc.

Years ago, before I took a very personal interest in my medical well-being, the GP I had then, placed me on two medications for hypertension... I was being damaged very severely... even my capillaries in my legs were losing blood into the tissues... it wasn't till I went off all medications that I recovered. One must of course realize that there are things such as "white coat hypertension" and a beneficial increase of pressure that can be caused by coffee. Such a coffee effect is easily reversible by simply not drinking any coffee for a while: it is not actually bad per se... it just means that thanks to coffee, the circulation is able to maintain a higher pressure with the same level of exertion. In some people like myself, I actually believe that coffee actually strengthens the arterial walls, so that as you pump-up the pressure during a measurement the artery actually resists closing till a higher pressure, and actually bounces back open at a higher pressure than without coffee, on coming down in pressure whilst listening for the heart-beat!

Yes! Coffee is very beneficial and worth its weight in gold: no wonder it's so expensive!

Frank Russo.

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