Coffee and 'episodic frozen pancreas' syndrome!

Frank Pio Russo - April 06, 2018.

Update April 25 2018 - looked up the actual figures for the incidence of diabetes in Utah and it's 7.8% as opposed to the rest of the US which is 9.9% which means that the difference is a very significant 2.1 over 9.9 which means a difference of 21.2%!

The great increase in coffee culture and its constant demands on peoples' pancreases has brought about an epidemic in diabetes disease and I've been able to study the new illness of 'episodic frozen pancreas syndrome'!

I forget what the specific statistic on Utah's diabetes incidence is, but I do recall that it's about 2% less than the rest of the United States... and sure this might not seem significant - however you're greatly mistaken because if that overall incidence is about 10%, then that simple 2% actually represents a difference of about 20%! And why is this significant? Why you 'silly-billy' for the simple reason that a great deal of the Mormon Utah does not drink any coffee!

One of the major reasons that I've been able to cure my diabetes is by abstaining from coffee. However as I began to have the occasional coffee, I have observed the occurrence of 'episodic frozen pancreas syndrome' where the sugar freezes on a high level and stays there... the interesting thing is that not even oral medication appears to move it at all - only insulin brings it down - and then everything is cosy again and things are working fine again!

Of course I'm not your average type of drinker, instead I'm a 24/7/365 type of person who doesn't need to sleep... my brain is so incredible that it doesn't need to be shut down ever, so long as it has some quiet rest time and is able to fight gravity by laying down for some spells. Gone are my days of drinking coffee every four hours around the clock... however that does not mean that all of a sudden I'm going to start sleeping: not at all!

Where are all these supposed clever researchers hiding... how come it's always myself coming up with all these breakthroughs !

Frank Pio Russo.

141 Coffee and its Implications into Mature Onset Diabetes; Frank Russo, Posted on December 22, 2003

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