Can endocrinological balance result in eternal life?

Frank Pio Russo - June 09, 2018.

I did some experimenting on myself in 1981 which presumably balanced my endocrinological system.

Up till 1981 my hormonal and endocrinological system was far from balanced as I always had a feeling that there was gonadal disharmony. Yes I was sure that all men had a serious imbalance which was why all of them had a much lower left testicle - obviously the extra body temperature on the right testicle was attempting to correct this. This was further emphasized to me when I went to watch an autopsy and I commented to Dr Rocca that the subject only had one testicle, she corrected me and said that he did in fact have both!

This appears to also be the case with women. However in their case the attempt at correcting the imbalance cannot be done with a temperature differential as their ovaries are internal and at a same constant temperature: this is why women are far more prone to having adrenal adenomas.

Well since my bit of work in 1981, my testicles have always been balanced and level with each other... in other words I haven't had my left testicle drooping lower than the right. Also since that year I haven't really had any need to sleep anymore as presumably one sleeps to correct imbalances. Furthermore although I'm nearly 65, a visitor who was at my place yesterday commented that it was amazing that my hair hadn't gone grey yet, and that I looked very young for my age as I hardly had any lines on my face!

Now it was rather unfortunate that jealous bastards drugged me with LSD a couple of times on the job and I ended up addicted on tranquillizers for decades. Furthermore, what was even worse was the fact that a mental heath excuse was used to experiment on me because I had no heart beat... sometimes it doesn't pay to be different!

Well in 2003 I started applying some of my perfectly balanced semen to my right eye which had close to zero vision, due to a glial remnant near the optic nerve... the latter had resulted when I smashed into a wall at about 8 years of age (or it could have  been hereditary). I figured that if the seminal engineers could build a baby, surely they could fix my eye: sure enough sight was restored and the ophthalmologist said that the glial remnant had all been broken up and its remnants were floating in the vitreous humour!

Another time I applied some semen to an ingrown toe nail in the evening and by the morning it was all healed! My semen was even able to generate all these dental fillings in the mouth by simply swirling it around... these however were not permanent as I suspect coffee or orange juice may have dissolved them...

As far as my general health, sure I've got a bad hip... but that's only because I was on a hunger strike and had a bit of a fall from a ladder and then these bastards locked me up so that they could experiment on me because I had no heart beat, and they didn't care two hoots about my sore hip. The other thing is that I have diabetes, but really that is a blessing in disguise as I am looking after my nutrition very meticulously.

In conclusion, getting back to the question posed as a title to this article - sure I do think that endocrinological balance is important to a long and healthy life... in actual fact extremely important! However, although I wrote an article in 1981 - I don't exactly recall what I was actually doing - it was as if I was led by the Force like the Jedis in star wars.

Frank Russo.


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