How broccoli goes a long way towards alleviating inflammation of the hip!

Frank Pio Russo - November 12, 2017.

Have tried almost everything under the sun, and yet still could hardly move at all despite even using a walking stick. In comes the wonderful miraculous food of broccoli and voila I can now move much more freely!

I have known that various spices can help with arthritis for decades... however it's a bit problematic to add some of these to pre-prepared take-aways. Over the past 10 years I have spent a fortune on various supplements, spending up to close to $100 for in some cases only 30 tablets. I have been trying up to about 20 supplements per day for very minimal improvements: things such as rosehip vital, calamari oil, green lipped mussel, MSM, theracurmin, curcumin plus, silica, krill oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, boron, manganese plus others.

Yet incredibly, it's the cheap vegetable of broccoli which surpasses all of those supplements put together! Mrs Barbara Bush - the wife of President George Bush Senior - must have been incredibly wise in insisting that her husband eat all of his broccoli. I am truly amazed at the healing properties of broccoli: it is also a well known fact that it has many cancer fighting substances. Of course the supplementary medicine world - as well as orthodox medicine - likes to hide such knowledge so as to render the masses dependant on their expensive expertise and - in some cases- rather pricy products!

In conclusion, if you have an arthritic problem of some sort, I encourage you all to try-out a daily regime of broccoli... and should you have a dislike for its taste, just simply add some tartare sauce to it and it will taste wonderfully!

Frank Pio Russo.


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