How breaking the rules of physics got me started onto solving relativity!

Frank Pio Russo - February 22, 2018.

I think that it was in round about 1995 that one of the editors for Journal of Physics A said that not only did I believe in breaking the rules of physics, but also in breaking the rules for making a submission of my papers to the journal!

Actually that was not the first time I was told any of that! Way back in 1988, when I was sending some sort of a newsletter on relativity out to people that had shown an interest in my early work, I had an interesting reaction from some sort of physics expert... from what I recall he'd studied physics at university... I'll make some of these newsletters available so as to illustrate what I'm talking about:

He pointed out fairly strongly that I was breaking one of the cardinal rules of physics... "You must never mix velocities and distances in calculations!" I however went on to show him some calculations and how it all worked and he was quite amazed... he said "Did you work all that out by yourself?!"

At issue was the fact that I was dealing with time sub-intervals from the Michelson-Morley, and that when I was calling something a length, it was to be understood as taking place within the particular interval... so in a manner of speaking it was a velocity per specific interval.

The problem was that I had not been submitted to rigorous academic physics training, and as such I usually left many steps unsaid - having carried them out sub-consciously in my mind only. And it was for this reason that Dr Eric Murray told me off a few times, when I showed him some of my work also in 1988: the problem was that he often could not follow what I was doing because I was leaving too many steps out!

Anyway I do now think that I've put quite a body of work together, in my 30 or so years since those early days! Hopefully the scientific community has taken some notice of many of my articles.

Frank Pio Russo.



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