Bout of Gastro as a tonic!

Frank Russo - October 06, 2010.

Fertilizing trees with cow manure and somehow catching a bout of gastro, could often be a blessing in disguise! The pronounced diarrhoea might cleanse the body of many toxins, and result in a somewhat rejuvenated state!

This happened to me in the recent past... and at the end of it all I weighed about 3 kilos less, and my blood pressure was about 20 units lower than it had been! Furthermore my blood sugars were much reduced, so much so that the eventual HBA1c was only about 7%. And both the blood pressure and body weight have remained lower.

In view of the foregoing, perhaps it may become fashionable to give oneself a bout of gastro as a health tonic, in much the same way as Botox has become fashionable in the cosmetic industry.

It's something to think about.

Frank Russo.

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