The benefits of pressure-letting.

Frank Russo - August 03 2008.

Exercise is very important - whether done at the gym or simply through working. But of course one is not only to provide activity for the skeletal muscles, but more importantly for the heart also... the latter happens as a matter of consequence in naturally having the blood pumped around through the muscles.

It is a very good practice to often measure the blood-pressure of bed-ridden patients in hospital on the hour every hour. For a long-time I was measuring my pressure every hour at home whilst not being sick. My idea is that the body is a somewhat closed system and blood pressure builds up if you're living a sedentary life. So my idea is that one should take-up pressure-letting by measuring one's pressure very regularly, and thus dissipating any built-up resistance in the body. It is also good to have a diary and actually log your results, and perhaps alternate arms from one measurement to the other.

Another interesting idea is to log the sorts of foods that you are eating and then you get to know how these directly affect you circulatory system. My pressure-letting idea is reminiscent of the middle-age practice of blood-letting. However mine is far superior because not-only it's non-invasive, but also because it doesn't modify the system but in actual fact it restores the status-quo in simply letting the system do some specific work.

So do go out and buy yourself an Omron Blood Pressure machine or something similar and start logging your results regularly.

Frank Russo.


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