Behaviour of ASSA !




                From: Frank Pio Russo []

                Sent: March 2, 2016 1:41 PM


                Cc:;; ''

                Subject: FW: If one were to assume an unintentional breach (?)




                Hi there,


                Even if one were to assume a breach had happened: it would definitely not be my fault !


                I had been led to believe that a virtually impenetrable screening process was operative in relation to ASSA chat:

                I had tried over previous months to send out messages and nothing had ever eventuated…

                I even sent a message to the webmaster asking why my messages were being rejected and had received no response…

                (recently the chap claimed he’s very busy and only works a bit - on a voluntary basis !)… so how could one possibly breach an impenetrable screen ! (??)


                All I can surmise is that the invisible hand of an “enemy” who adores Einstein is behind it all… Professor Charles Pearce would not put up with all this non-sense ! (??)


                Sincerely: Frank Pio Russo.






                From: Frank Pio Russo []

                Sent: March 2, 2016 11:58 AM

                To: ''

                Cc: ''; ''

                Subject: Unnecessary message!




               Your message was pointless, you’ve already advised me at least a couple of times that I’ve supposedly breached ASSA guidelines and received a suspension.

                I have already outlined my defence to both you and the council of ASSA that this was not so at all!


                All I had done was to infer that people were getting religion and science mixed up, and that “hero worship” has no place in true science !

                Unless one is of course aiming to emulate Paul Davies and try to get a Templeton Prize! I.e. for “The Mind of God”.


                Please feel free to contact me when you have some actual news e.g. when the suspension will end: your website has a false announcement about it every-day:

                why don’t you fix that for a start ! (?)




                Regards: Frank Pio Russo.



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