How can one have infinite time and yet commence with a beginning!

Frank Pio Russo - September 24, 2014.

I once heard of a famous story where a scientist was giving a lecture, and I vaguely remember that an old lady in the audience got up and said that: "everybody knows that the earth is being held up by 4 giant turtles"... and when the speaker in turn asked: "And what's holding the turtles up?"... the old lady replied "it's turtles all the way down!".

People have laughed at this story over the decades - I think I read about it in Timothy Ferris' "Coming of age in the Milky Way" - however, there's an element of truth in this statement! Ever since 9 years of age - when I was in my intellectual prime - I have had the idea that there were people living inside our atoms, who were responsible for our consciousness... and these little people were in turn made up of much smaller atoms, which again had people living inside of them... and so it goes on ad infinitum - with smaller and smaller atoms... with tinier and tinier people inside of them - a bit like Russian dolls!

Of course I had to abandon this concept as I grew up, simply because electrons were moving so much faster than our planets! However, in 1988 I came up with the concept of "physiological time" and also conceived the existence of extremely fast absolute speeds, hence my old childhood theory was resurrected... (see This physiological time is clearly evident in the elephant and the shrew... they both have about the same number of heartbeats in their lifetime, and yet the elephant moves slowly and lives a long time, whereas the shrew lives only a brief life - yet at a very fast pace! (See ).

The foregoing became reality in 1995 when I was able to measure the absolute speed of most things in our galaxy, at about 53,000 km/sec (see ). What makes all of this 'tick', is the fact that in 1988 I also worked out that "physiological time" is directly related to the physiological length. We at our level, have a meter that's  '10 to the 40' times longer than the meter of people inside our atoms - this is because it takes '10 to the 40' atoms to measure our universe from one end to the other - but of course gravity is not diluted as you go down the infinitesimal levels of aggregation... so that things would happen faster and faster.

In view of the foregoing, it is clear that every second at any 'level', would comprise of '10 to the 24' billion years at the next lower level, (i.e. '10 to the 40' seconds)! Hence , it is clear to me that 13.8 billion years ago, represents a sort of limit, namely the 'beginning'! As one considers smaller and smaller levels, each second of this length of time grows in size by '10 to the 40', each time one steps into one level 'lower' down! Remember the smaller particles are, the more space they have - neutrinos can even go straight through our earth without usually bumping into anything at all!

It is clear then, that some events in the quantum world such as electron-tunnelling, can give the impression of starting simultaneously with no passage of time at all! As we must consider that one second of 'causality' where people live inside the atoms that make up the atoms of our quantum world - i.e. at two levels 'down' from us - would be one 'ten to the eightieth' of one of our seconds! This is definitely imperceptible at our level, and we could be excused for thinking that there's 'zero' time involved!

In conclusion then, it is easy to see that we can have an infinity of time, with it speeding-up physiologically as things get smaller, and slowing down as things get larger. Eventually we the Elohim, will have 10 to the 24 billion years to generate one second of consciousness in the next level 'up'! (I have outlined my view of 'physiological time' many times in years gone by on my web-site)

Frank Pio Russo.

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