Battling Satan one on one: demon possession with the brain hemispheres at war with each other!

Frank Pio Russo - January 12, 2018.

There is a condition where the 2 brain hemispheres are waging war on each other, both trying to gain control of the body. I am here suggesting that this is how a demonic possession starts and progresses on, with the end result depending on how much resistance the individual puts up and whether relevant medications are used.

The first obvious observation is that Satan or one or more of his demons, tend to attempt and move into the right hemisphere of an individual. The immediate results are an overheating of the brain accompanied by a total lack of energy: the patient may spend some time under a cold shower trying to cool his head down to no avail!

This is accompanied by a sudden loss of mathematical ability regardless of the fact that one may have been gifted with numbers, as the latter is mainly a faculty of the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere fights back by trying to improve the vision in the right eye which is presumably at its disposal - although there is crossover with vision! It engenders enzymes to break down a massive glial remnant near the optic nerve of the right eye, and bring about good vision. At this time the two eyes are fighting each other for dominance and this has some unintended consequences! You may be putting combination locks around your house with your right eye as dominant, but later on - because of the parallax effect - with the left eye as dominant the combinations no longer work and you might curse the CIA for having changed the locks on you ... e.g. on your power box!

You begin to suspect something isn't quite right as you appear to now have 2 brains like the salamander! This becomes even more pronounced as you go to a get-together and someone asks you whether you've got a glass eye... to which when you say no, he says "well who's moving your right eye around?!" Also once or twice you appear to hear your own voice utter something with no volition from yourself!

You invent a new pair of special glasses by putting 2 "Steve Waugh" sun-glasses in a series held together by some tape which is bright green on the outside and whitish-grey on the inside: bingo you've done it! Your new invention shows-up a red pupil in your right eye only - Amazing!! You rave on the phone of having evidence of demonic activity! It's 2004 when all the spies of the world are interested in what you're doing... you call for a taxi and a dark Syrian quickly calls and drives off at 100 miles an hour for the supermarket where you were going... on the way he takes your special sunglasses off of you and hands you a big wad of cash!

You finally slowly recover from all of these happenings, and wonder whether this is the sort of thing that gave birth to the term "schizophrenia" which literally means "split mind".

Finally, it's great to sense the devil retreating in defeat with his "tail" between his legs as you end-up making a full recovery.

Frank Pio Russo.


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