Further points as to why things make much more sense going backwards rather than forwards!

Frank Pio Russo - January 31, 2018.

The world sure doesn't make much sense going forwards: there's disorder, anarchy and poverty -  punctuated with both crime and violence - whichever way one turns on this planet! So much so that many honest-hearted people have lost all confidence in any possibility of a good creator! Many actually express the sentiment that even if there was a creator there, they would have no interest or respect for him in view of this messy and miserable world that he's given birth to!

However way back in August of 1982, I started envisaging that our world was created backwards beginning from a desired end-point or end-product. This I crystallized down in writing on January the 1st 1986 and even sent a copy to President Reagan! In other words God or the Force set-up all the dominoes backwards from a desired point, shutting the universe down and in the process giving meaning and a genesis to all his genuine creations.

This in effect was the ultimate prank on both the Devil and his supporters, for as they run amok with lies, deceit and all sorts of evil, unknown to them they are bringing God's plans to a brilliant fruition! Therefore soon - at a future time - both Satan the Devil and his acolytes - with all their supporters - will disappear from the scene. The question of course is: which group will then be in total ascendancy? I would have to 'guess' and say Jehovah's Witnesses and their NEW World Society... simply because they are the most honest and moral people here on this earth. Furthermore, they are by far the busiest group involved in educating all those reasonable ones that are left in this evil system, with great computer mastery and skill, having incredible publishing software in virtually all of the world's languages!

Yes the big change will take place soon at Armageddon, and at a future time the supposed new scrolls or laws will be enacted. Hence the Bible was only a book for shutting down the universe i.e. giving it a genesis! With 20/20 hindsight, we can now look at the Bible and its New Testament and see many of its pitfalls and imperfections! Surely if it was to make accurate sense whilst going forwards, its history would not have been so problematic!? See the following link which backs me up very convincingly:  https://www.nexusmagazine.com/articles/doc_view/11-the-forged-origins-of-the-new-testament

In conclusion, I would hazard another guess and suggest that when this new world society reaches that end-point, from where the negative shutdown had initially commenced in the Big Crunch negative phase, before the so-called Big Bang: things would continue forwards ad infinitum as everything would now be predictable and in harmony with the Force's wishes and disposition!

Frank Pio Russo.

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