As far as credentials go: what scientific pedigree do I have?

Frank Pio Russo - October 08, 2015.

As far as credentials, the best I can say is that I scored 170 on an IQ test at 24 years of age, which is not the usual exaggerated nonsense one hears about children!( A ‘P‘ of one in 645,000)

Also I set a record number of subjects passed in Leaving, in the whole state, with a distinction for physics and Italian (11 subjects in total)… the time-tables clashed so I could not sit for both Matriculation and Leaving in the same year - so I chose to sit for extra subjects!

My mother had died at nine and my father had become a pensioner, so due do financial duress I started work instead of going on with an education: the CSIRO told me they couldn’t give me a job because I had to go back to studying… the Director of Clinical Chemistry at the I.M.V.S. on the other hand, said “the question is not whether we will we give you a job - but rather… ‘are you interested in a job here’…”

In my first year at the I.M.V.S. in 1973, I commenced an Associate Diploma in Medical Technology and also sat for Matriculation without any tuition… at the latter I scored 89 out of 100.  I came here at 13 from Italy and in the first year, went from un-gradable to 3rd in the school. Whilst in Italy I had received a 9 for “Observations in the Natural Sciences”: it wasn’t a “grade” but rather it was a “vote” and only God presumably was worthy of a 10, or so the  administrator there claimed!

I have also done part of an Arts Degree in Interpreting and Translating… and have had 3 professional articles published in Speculations in science and Technology and one in the Clinical Biochemist.

Finally, I have spent nearly 30 years independently investigating the universe, stellar aberration, Michelson-Morley and many other related subjects - without the bias of the establishment clouding my research... and despite "Cloudynights"-immature-imbeciles casting aspersions my way... an  honest appraisal of my life will always come up trumps!

That sums up my biographical notes which can be found in my introduction on my website:

With Best Regards: Frank Pio Russo.


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