The solution to the problem of arthritis: how to overcome the debilitating disease.

Frank Pio Russo - March 05, 2018.

One of the most painful and severest illnesses known to man which we all dread, is the scourge of old age known as arthritis... just about all adults of today have some degree of it, and the  loss in productivity by the workforce as a result of it, is astronomical.

I have been battling it for about 14 years with a bad hip and a problematic ankle, and now feel that I've come up trumps with a solution for this ubiquitous illness. I recently did a very good article on joint foods and its pitfalls as well as the benefits of sulphur:

I have done a lot of experimentation and research in this field taking over 20 supplements off and on, and feel that I am in a very privileged position thanks to my special circulatory system and heart. You see coffee is an anti-inflammatory medication very similar to Mobic and Voltaren and I am blessed to being able to drink it round the clock every 4 hours to supplement its physiological half-life... mind you I haven't slept for about 12 years except for when I first went on insulin (the first few days)! I don't seem to need sleep provided I have plenty of coffee as brain food!

Key problem: coffee destroys MSM

However coffee is a double edged sword creating a catch-22 of sorts. On the one hand it brings great inflammation relief, but on the other hand it destroys MSM or biologically active sulphur, which is critical for good joint, tendon and ligament health as a whole. I've demonstrated the latter with a very simple experiment, and that is to mix a bit of MSM in some hot water and then add coffee and stir it... you will no doubt notice that the pungent bitter taste of MSM will disappear as the coffee destroys the MSM!

Hence with all the coffee that I had been drinking, I would have been constantly MSM depleted and this was possibly why I had reached close to a 'wheel-chair' stage of immobility! And the recommended dose of 1.5 - 3.0 gm of MSM per day was useless! Fortunately MSM is about as toxic as water - that's not toxic at all... so in recent days I've been taking close to 100 gm per day... broken up in 20 gm doses at each time, for about 5 times during the day. For more information on MSM there's a very good website:

Interestingly, when one is well dosed up with MSM he will find that the taste of coffee will change for the worse! In other words the process by which coffee destroys MSM must be reversible, and the high concentration of MSM in saliva must now be 'deactivating' the coffee somewhat!

In conclusion, I find it very satisfying to be able to switch backwards and forwards between physics and medicine, and still come up with massive breakthroughs in both fields.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps - It's a bit hard to be completely sure without laboratory tests that coffee destroys MSM, as coffee itself is rather bitter also! However it's a major quantum shift to go from about 3 grams of supplementation to about 100 grams per day, and that in itself may have been sufficient to make me go from total immobility to walking around normally in a few days!


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