Arthritis Caused by micro-organisms!

Frank Russo - May 03, 2008.

Some months ago, I went on 3 anti-biotics at the same time... the result was unexpectedly incredible! All of a sudden my hip was functioning perfectly, so I came up with the great idea that arthritis is caused by some micro-organisms in much the same way as stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria.

Somehow the bugs gain a foothold in the joint(s), and then tend to inhabit the area and proliferate. Obviously some sort of early trauma would tend to be ideal for them to start their deleterious effects. Perhaps they don't need to feed on the tissues directly... all they would have to do is appropriate some of the glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3-fats... and their damage is done indirectly by starving the joint of necessary nutrients. Of course once the repair process is starved, mechanical friction would tend to take-over and make the joint progressively deteriorate.

It's no wonder you feel better when you go to an osteopathic chiropractor for they rub tea-tree oil into the joint; and we all know that tea-tree oil is a miraculously antiseptic remedy! I am now also aware of why garlic works wonders on me : it also is a very powerful killer of micro-organisms! It has also become clear to me why so many remedies simply ameliorate the situation instead of curing the problem, obviously one is often just feeding the bugs with joint food, so that the latter are not so bothersome to the joint!

Frank Russo.

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