Insensitivity to the cold a cause of arthritis and avascular necrosis.

Frank Russo - June 27 2007.

Since realizing that I had an insensitivity to the cold temperatures, I've been heating-up my house using a number of thermometers throughout the house as a guide. The avascular necrosis of the hip and the bit of arthritis in other joints seem to have retrogressed remarkably... almost in a miraculous manner! No wonder some people spend their country's winters in the other hemisphere above or below the equator as the case might be.

The cost of heating would seem a prohibitive impediment to good health in most cases - power is very expensive these days - however it is not necessary that one heats the whole house round the clock...  one could pick the smallest bedroom and sleep in there with a thermostatically controlled heater whilst boosting his body-heat with exercise and lots of warm clothes during the day. Furthermore one could anoint his feet with something to warm them up and wear warm socks in bed at night.

Garlic is very useful in thinning the blood and making sure the nutrition from your meals gets into the bones, so that the pain would subside however the clotting of your blood is compromised should you cut yourself. Also you tend to bruise more easily and any bumping into the door may take a lot longer to heal.

So it appears that the solution to bad health is all to do with heat: as I've said it many times before - organs usually die because they go cold - be it through bad circulation or as this paper implies through lack of adequate heating. The latter being especially so when one suffers from an insensitivity to the cold.

In conclusion I would urge everybody to make sure that they are providing enough heat for their bodies... it's far more important than saving lots of money to waste on entertainment and other temporary pleasures.

Frank Russo.

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