Apology for any perceived offence !

Frank Pio Russo - March 11, 2016.


I wish to apologize to anybody who may have perceived an offence by myself, in my recent “Gravity Waves” response ! It was quite a complicated statement that requires some IQ to unravel. I said that “one could be mistaken” that they were talking about a “Jewish Mohammed”… notice that I did not assert that this was a fact but rather merely a mistaken perception by some observers !

This statement was only uttered in an effort to emphasize that one must not mistake “religion” for “science” and that true science is not the proper place for “hero worship”… in other words it’s usually a bad idea to mix religion and science, despite the fact that Paul Davies got away with it in “The Mind of God” !

Of course I do not apologize for any of my scientific criticism in the above article… and I suspect that this content may have been the true reason, as to why some were offended - with the mentioned item purely put forward as an excuse to channel their anger at their “hero” - (Einstein) - being taken down !

I am sincerely sorry and apologetic for any perceived offence I may have caused.

Frank Pio Russo.


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