Some of the advantages of insulin over oral medications.

Frank Pio Russo - December 24 2015.

First of all I must mention that one should always aim to retain some of the oral medications when on insulin, so as to retain some of his natural pancreatic functions. This is important especially if at some future stage one is going to try and re-sensitize his muscles to insulin so as to reduce the amount of overall medications: the latter can often be accomplished with exercise.

The problem with oral medications is that it's usually no more than a starvation diet, i.e. to keep the sugars as low as as possible: this leads to a horrible "catch 22" of sorts! One knows that he must exercise to make the diabetes wane... however no matter how hard he tries he finds that he's too weak to do it... which in turn means that the diabetes strengthens instead of waning. This is where insulin is great because it breaks the starvation cycle and allows one to have the strength to exercise and re-sensitize his muscles to insulin - thus leading to a decrease in medications!

One great thing that I've noticed on my insulin, is that I'm no longer losing all this heat from my feet... I don't have to wear my thick explorer socks all year round for 24 hours a day... I can actually go barefooted around the house! And the feet sensitivity and nerves appear to be rejuvenated! Another major plus, is that any scratches or sores heal much quicker on the insulin... this is a great improvement and one stands to benefit greatly from this!

Furthermore, whilst on insulin one can stop the atrophying of his good tissues to be replaced by fat... instead he can easily put on a lot of muscle and strengthen his bones... yes being on insulin is a win-win for sure!

Hopefully this bit of info of mine might benefit some of the many millions of diabetes sufferers around the world.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. there was a dramatic improvement in driving ability and awareness after commencing insulin treatment!

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