Acting as a solicitor for the damned! Going ahead and saving the entire world simply because the Devil is a moronic halfwit!


Anonymously contributed - October 7, 2016.



A film I greatly enjoyed – mainly due to the great actors involved with it – was “Bruce Almighty”! With Jim Carey temporarily taking over as God from Morgan Freeman… it is indeed a very enjoyable film!


However it has been reported by some critics, that both Jim and Morgan are Satanic worshippers and that with this film they are actually mocking and laughing at God! Well I wouldn’t be surprised if it were actually true, because virtually all movie stars and rock stars are apparently in the Devil’s camp!


However I believe that even if they would have signed with their blood - in some sort of Faustian Pact - the situation is not irretrievable. Their contracts with the ‘beastly one’ might have appeared kosher for everybody down through the ages, but my latest research shows them up as being totally invalid!


This is because I doubt very much whether the Devil has actually divulged to any of his victims, that it is he himself that’s actually playing both sides of the charade… hence when any of these Faustian people actually thought they were turning their back on God, they were actually showing contempt for the Devil’s mock and cheap impersonation of God!


Satan (the Devil and Adversary) thought he would have moved the world into total annihilation long before now, and people would have never found his trickery out! I now firmly believe that everybody can backtrack out of any dealings with such a diabolical impostor… any contracts that have been negotiated up till now are rendered invalid: due to the Devil’s fraudulent misrepresentation of the facts!


Looks like saving the whole world had a legal dimension to it, and had nothing at all to do with that mythical loser of 2,000 years ago: what happened 2,000 years ago was all useless utter nonsense, which most just took as ‘gospel truth’ when it was all a litany of lies!


Of course, it would take great courage to attempt to break free from the ‘dark side’… there might be some repercussions… i.e. some sort of injuries - perhaps even death… one must of course pray to the Force for help… I doubt Satan and his Demons could cope with an en masse rebellion: they can only attempt to put out so many spot fires and no more: their numbers are limited!


Finally, it appears as if “sin against the Holy Spirit” is not yet fully active… I have tonight given everybody a new chance to repent and save themselves, from their rebellious independent course!


Anonymously contributed.




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