An "acid test" on my Michelson-Morley!

Frank Russo - July 31 2007.

To see whether my propositions work all you have to do is divide the pertinent values by the appropriate "slowing down ratio". Of course you may have seen the result of dividing the 12.92192328 m length by the SDR of 1.193072004 giving the relative length of 10.83079918 m, ( in the addendum on the left of the home page); but the incredible fact is that when you divide the actual motion of the orbital mirror of 2.091124102 m by the same appropriate SDR, you actually get the raw orbital length of 1.752722466 m which is shown in my recent "Visualization" which was revised on May  03 2007, (see Articles page).

Amazingly enough this reduction using the SDR, even eliminates the "invisible" 0.169200818 m which exists between the relative and the absolute arms. Interestingly, the 2.091124102 m which is travelled by the mirror, is composed by the raw length of 1.752722466 m plus two lots of 0.169200818 m : one before the raw length bridging the relative and absolute arm end-point, and the other at the end of the raw length.

I hope this very short and nevertheless important insight, renders my Michelson-Morley a lot more intelligible.

Frank Russo.

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