Explaining the supposed phantom 300 years.

Frank Russo - July 10, 2013.

According to Niemitz there are a supposed phantom 300 years that were added into our history, because only 10 days were added when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced, instead of the divergent 14 days.

But that is only a mirage - because using proper semantics - no days were added at all, but instead 10 days were made to disappear... or to put it another way, were removed. The facts are that in 45 BC when the Julian Calendar was introduced, the vernal equinox was taking place on the 25th of March, and by 1582 AD it was happening on March the 11th. However things were standardized in favour of the Easter set-up that was established at the council of Nicaea (325 AD), at which time the equinox was happening on March the 21st... and this is why only 10 days were removed from the historical record by changing the date forward by 10 days!

Hence the supposed missing years do exist from 45 BC to 325 AD! Because you are only correcting a partial discrepancy of 10 days instead of the full 14 days!

Some people are of course under the misapprehension that the equinox was taking place on March the 11th in 45 BC and 10 days were added to bring it back to March the 21st in 1582 AD. However, you need a logical mind to work out that it's like in daylight saving... you might be adding an hour to bring the time forward, but in practical terms you have removed an hour and end-up sleeping one hour less!

Hopefully my logical mind has been of some service in this matter.

Frank Russo.

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