Political Neutrality: politics, relative subjection and the kingdom of God.

Frank Pio Russo - August 04, 2017.

There are a number of religions that make a big deal about isolating themselves from the world, and shunning political involvement... claiming that their allegiance is to God alone, and that they must be without spot from the world.

However Paul correctly espoused the principle of "relative subjection" in Romans chapter 13, namely that one would obey our government so long as their instructions did not conflict with godly principles, for after all - as Paul there says - it is a minister for our welfare. As far as the Witnesses go - they identified this viewpoint correctly in their early days, but later switched to saying that the "Superior Authorities" were God and Jesus Christ... only to again revert to their earlier view that it was our governments.

A key scripture in this regard - from memory - is Daniel 2:44, and this shows that the "Kingdom" is not fully formed at its inception, but that it is only a small stone which goes on to grow into a huge mountain ! So it is natural to infer that such a kingdom would be a political system that would grow to fruition right here on earth... gaining its ascendancy from a very small beginning: rather than being a fully formed massive "New Jerusalem" descending from heaven. The latter Revelation concept, may have been simply dreamt-up... the canonicity of the book of Revelation was doubted for a long time - and by many authorities in the early centuries of our common era!

Furthermore, in recent times the "Myth" theory about Jesus Christ has become very scholarly, with books such as Richard Carrier's "On the historicity of Jesus". I now feel that it is quite tenable that the 4 Gospels should be viewed as messianic and as applying to some future individual... a bit like how Christian authors made the Psalms "messianic" and applied them to the myth that they went ahead and generated! Anyway the original initiated Christians were the Gnostics, who understood such things as purely allegorical... it was the later "literalist" Christians who took all such parabolic material at simple face value!

Finally, the upshot of the foregoing, is that there is nothing wrong with getting involved with the political system, provided one is aware of the relativity of it all : a bit like how there is nothing wrong with becoming an Australian citizen - obviously one does not renounce his allegiance to God! This is quite obvious as the Apostle Paul had become a Roman citizen.

Frank Pio Russo.










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