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Frank Russo has an IQ of 160 and has 576 articles authored mostly by himself on his website a man of unique intelligence.


In Investigator 160 Russo expounded a "Rainmaking Proposal" which he previously sent to Australia's Science Minister. Russo says in article #468 on his website: "It certainly appears as if my rain-making project is now being used on a large scale. There have been unprecedented rains all over this Australian continent..."


Russo has studied Relativity for 25 years. Dozens of his articles therefore deal with Albert Einstein, Michelson-Morley, stellar-aberration, the speed of light, and other topics in astronomy. In article #130 Russo says: "Einstein is held up as a rare genius... The truth, however, is very different. Einstein was an inept and moronic person..."


Besides Climate Science and Relativity Mr Russo also tackles religion, physiology and health issues. In article #576 Russo asks "Is our ribcage an exoskeleton which is choking many of us to death!" He points out that the ribcage, like an exoskeleton, has limited "expansionary flexibility". Therefore, when adults "pack on the weight" some of the weight "moves down ... because there is no ribcage there to block its expansion":


The individuals concerned would have clear telling signs that they have a serious problem. For a start they would not be able to tie their own shoelaces... secondly their mobility would be greatly reduced, with the danger of easily toppling over - being top heavy... they would also find it very difficult to get out of bed unassisted... furthermore getting up off the floor may become almost impossible, if they were to fall over. It must also be mentioned that their hygiene would suffer, particularly because they would be unable to view and monitor their genital area, as their protruding abdomen would block their vision. Finally: of course getting adequate air through proper breathing is by far the most serious issue...


Popular on Russo's website is #54 "Door to Door Muscleman Gets Second Thoughts" which originally appeared in Investigator Magazine and consists of biographical material. Quite amazing is article #543, titled "What the medical world should be working on", where Mr Russo reports some unusual personal experiences.


Thought-provoking is article #469 "Neuroplasticity and the 'little people' theory":


My physics has shown that there are an infinite amount of smaller and smaller particles in the universe, and these are in turn constantly aggregating themselves to build bigger and bigger entities... It therefore stands to reason, that we as living beings are simply aggregations of smaller and smaller living conscious entities!


In my many writings I've often referred to the next level 'down' as being the world where our atoms would be the equivalent of universes, and where gravity would be 10 to the 40 times stronger because of the much smaller physiological meter, hence their world would - to us - appear much faster! This concept is not that strange at all... and it's very similar to what the Star Wars movies expound, namely that we're all made-up of 'little creatures'... I've often called these "10 to the minus 40 gnomes".


My theory says that it is these "10 to the minus 40 little people", that generate our consciousness...


Well I now have indisputable evidence for these 'little people' as a mobile entity for consciousness! ...


To read the indisputable evidence, go to Mr Russo's website. And while you are there, study and enjoy also the other 575 articles.








(Investigator 173, 2017 March)



Regarding the IQ of 160 attributed to me in Investigator 172 page 44.


In my youth I scored 170 but age and illness have probably reduced this by now substantially.


Frank P. Russo







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