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A truly modern scientific version of a "Gnostic Church"!

A truly modern scientific version of a "Knowledge Church"!

Frank Pio Russo - February 15, 2017.

There are various theories as to the origins of the Christian movement: for example the church father and church historian Eusebius, made the conclusion that the writings of Philo of Alexandria were very primitive Christian writings - from that, one would deduce the earliest origins of Christianity, as gaining momentum in the city of Alexandria! Furthermore, it is clear that the Septuagint translation had transliterated and made a hero of the name Joshua as a saviour figure of "Jesus" - so such a name was no mystery!

It is also clear that some sort of movement had existed for quite some time, otherwise how is one to explain the great many crowds that acclaimed the trip of Paul to Rome along the Appian way... (or was it really Apollonius who was later 'converted' into Paul and who would have gone out of Constantine's favour being a vegetarian and celibate as well as being an alcohol abstainer - causing the Emperor to design his Universal church more on the Druid Hesus: who some claim was the platform from which Jesus sprang!)

Anyway, after having done an intensive study - in years gone by - as to the origins of Christianity: my conclusion was that Jesus was no more than an elaborate myth, that was set in the generation of Jews that had ceased to exist at the hands of the Roman General Titus: how very convenient not to have had any corroborating witnesses to all those supposed events!

All I can say, is that one only needs to resort to "faith" in the absence of real facts! Give me science instead any day - (and scientific theology based on facts any time!). Yes scientific knowledge is essential to get to the heart of things... alas the early Gnostics did put a lot of emphasis on knowledge, but on the wrong sort of knowledge - namely metaphysical/philosophical religious nonsense!

The term "church" need not denote a building of bricks and mortar, its original Greek meaning was that of a group of men, women and children - united in purpose or "congregation"! Furthermore, one does not need anymore than a good conscience and the Golden Rule which was well known in pre-Christian times... e.g. by the Buddhists and others!

So please stop donating to false organizations, and allow my new Scientific Theology Movement to grow instead! In the Quantum World, one of our seconds is equivalent to about 10 to the 24 billions of their years, (or about 10 to the 40 seconds): imagine how advanced they really are! Please give them something to smile about, as they peer into "our" slow three dimensional motion picture that we're acting out for them! Show them how intelligent you are, and that you understand the true relativity of things - and how the great and magnificent force of Gravity is shaping all things around us: from the infinitesimally small to the great and gigantic creations that we will be vehicles for in the future to come!

May the Force be vindicated!

Frank Pio Russo.















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