A Scientific God versus a Religious one!

Frank Russo - July 05, 2010

A religious God is a very poor imitation of the real thing, for it is a "simpleton" God... limited by "our" time, and who is anthropo-morphological in every detail - with bad emotions such as jealousy and anger. In other words he is virtually an autocratic despot with absolute control who creates and destroys things.

And as we progress further and further, his sphere of operation back-tracks further and further back... he is virtually no more than "the God of the Gaps"... namely the bits we haven't got to yet!

So eventually we will collectively become "Gods" to the next world up, as we unite as a planet, galaxy, universe and so on! Just like the Quantum World is a collective God to us... acting with their large physiological time of 10 to the 40 seconds to just one of our seconds! And the same is true for each level of aggregation, as we go back into the atoms forming the atoms of our quantum world, and then into their constituent atoms and so on ad infinitum! This concept uses a principle that I learnt amongst the Mormons in 1968, and that is that "God" is just like us... only that he is always so far ahead of us, that when we get to where God is now... "He" will by then have moved that much further ahead of us again!

Using the eclectic principle, I would like to also draw on a concept that I heard from some "Adelaide Revival" young men in 1980. They claimed that there was a Trinity, and that everybody alive forever was a part of the Trinity... very much akin to my idea of a "Polity" where everybody rules by consensus... with computers as a tool for formulating one's collective mind very quickly!

But of course as we appraise where Science is taking us, we must nevertheless retain deep respect for our religious ideations, for they were essential for our important "baby" steps that have brought us thus far... we must not indulge in mocking any faith... but rather become eclectic and draw on anything meaningful from all religions, especially those morals that better equip us, for living together as "one" race of mankind... allowing our ethnic differences to become a force for good rather than dividing us!

And of course, the true Force that aggregates everything is Gravity, and that is the real spirit of things... and it's all interactive... our matter generates the gravity force which in turn acts on us... and even creates matter at the centre of stars, so that all living matter can expand in a "steady state", aggregating itself into bigger and bigger entities. MAY THE FORCE CONTINUE TO BE WITH US ALL!

Frank Russo.





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