A chance encounter with a fortune teller!

Frank Pio Russo - August 08, 2016.

I've only ever had one encounter with a fortune teller.. I had gone to some hotel - (the Old Lion) - to interact with some people, when she approached me out of the blue in the public place. I believe it was near the end of 1974 or near the early part of 1975.

She was incredibly beautiful with long blonde hair, and I somehow thought I recognized her in the media some 30 or so years later as having been cheated out of about $125,000... if I identified her correctly, I believe she was the wife of some Attorney General and she was at that later time dying with breast cancer.

She acted very alarmed and worried about me, despite seemingly not knowing me from a bar of soap! She claimed that I was very special and that there were all sorts of people constantly following me wherever I went - shadowing me so as to speak! She said that I could not see them because presumably they were invisible to me... "Be always very careful - your life is in danger!". As she was talking to me she was also befriending a couple of other young men with apparently intentions of taking them to some unit or place.

I of course didn't think a great deal about this event at the time, but was able to put the pieces together much later. A related event from those early Witness days, was the fact that Jeff Pretty - the former drummer of the Twilights - was frequenting the local Paradise congregation and attracting all the youths to the Glynde Hotel where he was performing: I am not really sure what went on there, but presumably some of those youths might have misbehaved and perhaps the elders might have been a bit upset with him - however I'm not really sure about such goings-on.

All I remember is that one day - whilst in the Kingdom Hall - Jeff put his fist in the air and said "I challenge you Satan!" whilst enticing me to do the same - which I did! Satan obviously wanted me to know that he was especially interested in me!

I am very glad that I am able to revisit my past and give meaning to many of my goings-on... my life has certainly featured strongly in the battle between Good and Evil! I am very surprised that I can remember all those people and places... whereas some others, can't even remember what they had for breakfast!

I've mentioned these experiences to show that such things really happened... these are real people and real places with true happenings!

Frank Pio Russo.





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