The Rosetta Stone and Champollion.

Frank Pio Russo -  Posted April 13, 2014.

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I have recently read one of the most interesting books that I’ve come across in quite a while. It’s called “The Jesus Puzzle” by the historian Earl Doherty, and it goes into great detail in contrasting the Christ of Paul and the Epistles, to the much later innovation of the Synoptic Christ! Paul’s version predates the latter by quite a great deal of time.


Another book which I’ve recently read is “Christ in Egypt” by the archaeologist, linguist and scholar, D M Murdock. It has nearly 600 pages and deals with the ancient Egyptian texts! There are a lot of critics on this planet who think they know it all by reading some general articles from encyclopaedias, however any scholar knows that usually you’ve got to go to the journals for the true knowledge. The encyclopaedia articles are usually incomplete and full of religious bias… most of this bias was already well formed by the 19th century and we must realize that the Egyptian texts were not rediscovered till after the Rosetta stone was deciphered… the latter was found in 1799 but it was not till 1821-22 that Champollion began to publish articles deciphering the ancient Egyptian script. Apparently some walls had simply been plastered over to hide the Christian plagiarization… however this merely served to preserve the texts in pristine quality rather than have it simply eroded away.


I recommend both books to all your readers… they are certainly worth reading.


Frank Pio Russo.




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