Having Problems Urinating ? Well it's often not one's prostate as everybody thinks!

Frank Pio Russo - July 07, 2016.

People have been heaping all these disparaging insults on the supposed 'creative force', simply because they have trouble urinating! The popular opinion is that there is a design fault and most people end up with a prostate blockage of some sort!

However, my experience tells me that this is somewhat misguided: I believe that in many of these cases, it's simply a matter of having an internal expulsary pressure which is too weak. And this is where perhaps "Saw Palmetto" might be useful in boosting the effectiveness of some of one's internal muscles.

So in fact it might actually be quite the opposite to popular culture: one might have a prostate that is like a leaking valve all the time... it's supposed to seal things properly and allow the internal pressure of the bladder to build up first, and only then allow the voiding by becoming somewhat relaxed!

So one alternative - as I mentioned in one of my earlier articles - is to simply manually block the penis at its stricture, and then release it at rhythmical intervals to allow the built-up pressure to expel the urine: for some people this might be a better alternative to an operation that could end up botched !

Frank Pio Russo.

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