From Investigator no. 86 - September 2002.

A "So Important" Letter

Frank P. Russo

P.O. Box 90, Campbelltown 5074 South Australia
August 15th 2002

I sent the following information to Paul Starick (Chief of Staff at The Advertiser) and to the Prime Minister's Electoral Office at Binalong, NSW, and to several politicians:

Our Planet is heading towards an Ice Age:

Sun's activity diminishes drastically:

1966 Dicke and Goldenberg measure Sun's oblateness (fatness around the equator) as 250 times larger than expected!

1973 Henry Hill measured it as 50 times larger than expected!

1976 Vibrations from the Sun were first felt!

1982 Core of the Sun rotating 6 times faster than the surface!

1985 Dicke measured oblateness as 83 times greater than normal!

1989 Oblateness at 1.7 times normal.

Arctic Ozone holes are normal (so is the Antarctic one)! Ozone is formed by UV light at 242 nm. In other words there is not much light on the Poles hence not much ozone production!!!

Bottom line: Fossil fuels are OK!

Hence solar activity is DOWN! Therefore STEAM IS CONDENSING. Every gram of water that is condensing is releasing 540 calories. HENCE THE NON-GENIUS OUT OF US GET THE PERCEPTION THAT THE EARTH IS HEATING UP!! EVER BEEN IN A RIVER WHEN IT'S RAINING?- IT'S VERY HOT!

The lady at the Electoral Office said the letter was passed to the Prime Minister, "It's so important we sent it to Canberra in the overnight bag."

Frank Russo-SA

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